IV Prize Nomination

The IV Prize aims to recognise and enable greater interestingness in Vancouver. Each year we recognize an extraordinary Vancouverite for exceptional and committed interestingness to Vancouver. The IV Prize both recognises and enables, as the winner is awarded modest cash prize to endow a project they return the following year to share.

We seek an open call for nominations from art to professions to academia to music to science.The candidates are evaluated on three aspects:

The IV Prize Distinctiveness – how uniquely interesting is this person, their skill or their activity?

Community – how has this person or skill contributed to building creativity in our community?

Impact – how many people have been affected, and to what degree?

Eligibility – please note that while we love you; IV speakers, volunteers, and Alumni, are not eligible. Nor are non-profit organisations


*Nominations for our 2017 IV Prize close October 14th.