IV Prize

The Interesting Vancouver Prize

IV15 PrizeThe IV Prize is part of Interesting Vancouver with the purpose to expand the collective vision of what is uniquely possible in Vancouver and done by Vancouverites. Building on our heritage of sharing and enabling interestingness, every year the IV Prize recognizes an individual or group in Metro Vancouver doing something particularly interesting with a beautiful one-of-a-kind award and cash prize.

Created by Eclipse Awards, this unique award is salvaged from a local wind-fallen tree, milled locally, specially cured to retain its bark edge, and then custom engraved. Along with this unique memento, the recipient also receives a cash prize of $1,000 to help them further pursue their passion, hobby or action worth celebrating and invited to share their interesting story with the audience on the Interesting Vancouver stage.

Call for 2017 Candidates

Who is THE most in·ter·est·ing person in Vancouver?

As with last year there are many impressive people in our city quietly going about doing what they do. It is a great collection of the wonderful, worthy and wacky. Thank you to everyone who made a nomination.

The selection committee is now reviewing the nominations through the selection criteria. We will narrow down to a shortlist of nominees who will be asked a couple follow up questions, primarily on how the IV Prize would help move forward a specific project.

Then on November 10 (get your tickets here) we will announce the winner. The reason for the IV Prize is purely to help enable interestingness itself. Where IV the night is about sharing experiences, perspectives and projects the IV Prize is about helping someone do something that contributes to our city through its innate interestingness.
Thank you again and we look forward to seeing everyone on November 10.


Call for Entries Deadline – October 14, 2017
Finalists Contacted – October 21, 2017
Winner Announced – November 10, 2017

Selection Committee Members

Toby Barazzuol – Dream Leader, Eclipse Awards
Mark Busse – Producer, Interesting Vancouver
Brett Macfarlane – Founder, Interesting Vancouver
Christina Potter – Opportunity Maker, Board Member BC Entertainment Hall of Fame
Eyoalha Baker – Artist, Adventurer, Advocate
Johnathon Vaughn Strebly – Director of Creative Services, HCMA

Inaugural 2015 IV Prize

We announced the first recipient of the IV Prize in 2015, to grief counsellor and hospice worker Gaby Eirew. Gaby spent five years asking over 100 people on the street what they wish they had known about their parents & video taped their responses. Why is this interesting?

“My mum was a Holocaust survivor who knew nothing about herself; not the colour of her parents’ eyes, not the country where she was born or if she had brothers or sisters,” says Eirew. “I grew up with that emotional backdrop; aware of how lucky we are to know our history and a sense of what it might perhaps feel like if we don’t.”

Gaby Eirew was awarded the IV Prize in recognition for her project RecordMeNow, an app designed for parents to leave messages of hope and love for their children. We look forward to hearing more about Gaby’s project progress at IV 2016, where she will be one of the many interesting Vancouverites sharing their stories on our stage.