About Interesting Vancouver

Arousing curiosity or interest

An annual event, Interesting Vancouver engages our diverse community by bringing together people for a fun and inspiring night. Our belief is that great ideas, inspiration, and perspectives come from unexpected connections—celebrating ordinary people doing extraordinary things in our community. The purpose of Interesting Vancouver is to expand the collective vision of possibility through stories, explorations, and discoveries.

The event itself is relaxed and casual; there aren’t rules for the evening other than to sit back and be inspired by people from our community. This is why we put the event on every year—to gain a new perspective on our multicultural neighbourhood we have yet to discover.

Interesting Vancouver is a chance for all of us to step outside of our everyday routines and interact with people from different backgrounds.


There’s no need to look over both shoulders to realize you might be the interesting person we’re looking for. You’re interesting because there’s a passion that lights you up inside and makes you different from everyone else. From the performing arts to cultural differences, we accept a wide range of Interesting Vancouver speakers who can showcase their passion. What are the interests, hobbies, or passions that make you, or someone you know, stand out from the rest?

If you, or someone you know, fit the parameters of ‘Interesting Vancouver’, be sure to contact us. You might even be the next person who will be inspiring other Vancouverites to go out and follow their passion.