IV17 SPEAKER: Tonye Aganaba

A soulful Afro-Canadian singer/songwriter living with MS.

With a soulful, powerful, stand-out voice, Tonye was the go-to feature singer for Vancouver’s EDM producers and DJs for years. After self-releasing two R&B/soul EPS — “White Wizard” (2011) and “The Solar Twin” (2013) —  she was signed to 604 Records. Her new EP, “Villain” is a fun, groovy, electronic-spiked R&B/soul recording that declares the arrival of an artist not to be messed with. The new sound is inspired by artists like Janelle Monae, Jamiroquai, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu, and producer Mark Ronson. Tonye is also heavily involved in charity work. Through #GROUNDUP, she has helped raise over $50,000 for various local and international causes. Her unofficial foundation, The Living Society, is focused on using the arts to connect with the community and bring to light social issues.

‘Yeah, I sing and yeah I make music, but when it comes down to it, I’m just a human being that’s messed up and finding my way to express myself and be happy.”


Website: tonyeaganaba.bandcamp.com

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Twitter: @tonyeaganaba
Facebook: @tonyeaganaba