IV17 SPEAKER: Sean Bindra

A community relations professional who dresses up as Superman and organizes anti-bullying flash mobs. 

Born and raised in BC, Sean is a passionate community member who is focused on giving back to the community. His life philosophy is to spread love and happiness whether this is through a simple interaction, performing a Bollywood Dance routine, organizing 3,000-person Anti-Bullying Flash Mobs, or even dressing up as Superman. Sean is driven by his desire to motivate others and spread love. Blessed with supportive family and friends, he has had wonderful opportunities like starring in a Punjabi film and performing onstage alongside Bollywood’s biggest stars, and sees IV17 as another blessing to be able to share his story with the community.

Watch the video of his anti-bullying flash mob (ft. Travis Lulay)

Follow him on social:

Twitter: @BindraSean
Instagram: @s_bndra