IV17 SPEAKER: Corrina Keeling

A socially conscious acoustic artist who untaps creativity with visual facilitation.

Corrina Keeling is a sidewalk chalk revolutionary, graphic recorder extraordinaire, and maker of music to move you. She uses songwriting, facilitation, and killer handwriting to create containers in public space that allow people to have complex and uncomfortable conversations about power and oppression, justice and inequity, and place and belonging. She’s curious to invite people into embodying the qualities she sees as the best medicine: compassion, curiosity, deep listening, and gratitude. She hopes her work can be a love letter for everybody, and her wish for the world is for everyone to have a place for their gifts. Corrina believes dresses without pockets are a patriarchal conspiracy and should be outlawed, and she spends the majority of her free time looking for her headphones.

Website: www.corrinakeeling.ca

Follow her on social:

Twitter: @corrinakeeling
Instagram: @lovelettersforeverybody