IV17 SPEAKER: Amanda Strong

An award-winning stop-motion artist passionate about helping community and youth heal.

Amanda Strong is an Indigenous (Michif) filmmaker, media artist, and stop motion artist currently based in unceded Coast Salish territory, also known as Vancouver. She studied photography and illustration at Sheridan Institute and extended those mediums into creations in media arts. Amanda’s work looks into indigenous lineage, language, and unconventional methods of storytelling. Each film is a collaborative process with a multi-layered approach to aspects animation and the sonic spectrum. Her films have screened across the globe, most notably at Cannes, TIFF, VIFF, and Ottawa International Animation Festival. Her latest short animation is “Four Faces of the Moon” and she is currently developing new short animations, “Wheetago War” and “Biidaaban”, as well as research and development into the process of bringing her works into interactive spaces.

Website: spottedfawnproductions.com

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Facebook: @spottedfawnproductions
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