IV17 EMCEE: Jocelyn MacDougall

An event producer who performs vocals for a queer Funk and Motown cover band.

Jocelyn Macdougall delights in convening interesting, meaningful, productive groups of people who are striving to make the world better, and helps figure out how to pay for it!

As an independent consultant in event and fundraising strategy, Jocelyn works to connect people and their passions with brilliant organizations who are making those passions a reality. She believes that the arts are a price-of-admission component of a sane, healthy society, having a unique propensity to enable self and social reflection. She is also blessed to sing her heart out with seven other exceptional musicians in Vancouver’s hottest funk and Motown band, Queer As Funk.

Website: www.queerasfunk.com

Follow her on social:

Twitter: @jocelynmacdoug

Kelly "Claire" Berge | IV16 from Interesting Vancouver on Vimeo.