Introducing Interesting Vancouver Portraits

Did you hear? Our new podcast has launched!

With its crispness nipping at our cheeks, autumn is an exciting time for the Interesting Vancouver team. Our new, shorter format, podcast series launched with episode 7 last month! We’ve been working hard during the hot summer days. Interesting Vancouver is coming up on Friday, November 10th, and it’s also our tenth year. It’s been a whole decade since we began, and we hope we’ve remained curious, humble, and optimistic as ever.

In addition to the great nominations for this year’s speakers (names released soon) and interesting candidates for the IV Prize (nominations closing Friday), our critically acclaimed podcast series Interesting Vancouver Presents has a new shorter format called ‘Interesting Vancouver Portraits’. This means we can produce, share, and appreciate even more stories that can only happen in Vancouver or by Vancouverites.

Joining forces with podcast extraordinaire David Swanson, is Josh Gabert-Doyon, who brings his own flair to the series with the first couple episodes under his stewardship.

What we love about our podcast series is that it complements the emotional one-off talks of our annual event in the shape of the perfect travel companion. Our first batch was aired coast-to-coast last year by our friends at CBC Radio 1.

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And don’t forget — get your tickets to Interesting Vancouver before they’re all sold out!