Interesting Vancouver is Celebrating 10 Years!

A Look Back Through the Years

Our upcoming November 10th event will mark Interesting Vancouver’s 10th anniversary. To celebrate, we’ve been connecting with some of our past speakers to see ‘Where are they now?’

Over the last decade, there’ve been some pretty interesting people on our stage.

We’ve introduced you to a competitive kite flyer and circus artist who dances with dogs, an international champion pinball wizard who lives with autism, and a soft spoken senior with a passion for photographing punk rock shows.

In this series, we’ll take you down memory lane to revisit a few interesting people (one from every year of Interesting Vancouver) who will share what they’ve been up to since we last saw them.

The ‘Where are they now?’ series starts next week with a speaker from our inaugural 2008 Interesting Vancouver event, James Sherrett, from Slack (if you haven’t heard of it, Slack is a collaborative platform which helps teams communicate more clearly and get things done).

Get ready for nine blasts from the past, and some memorable stories from the last decade of Interesting Vancouver!

By the way…

Photo credit – Trevor Jansen

We’re currently searching for Interesting – REALLY interesting, like 10th anniversary type interesting – people to share their stories, skills, and quirks with us at this year’s November 10th event. If you know someone who fits the interesting bill, share it with us in the comment section here.

Here are some ideas of who our past speakers would like to see on stage this year:

  • A retired or current local sports celebrity who overcame challenges, like addiction, mental health, medical or in learning.
  • Portrait artists, perfumers, ER professionals
  • More youth – hearing what our young citizens are up to is so inspiring!

Consider those, but also consider who you would like to see. We’re looking forward to hearing your ideas. Here’s the link to share them again.

*feature photo of competitive kite flyer Tristan Underwood by Rick Etkin

Stay Interesting, Vancouver!