Engaging Hearts at Interesting Vancouver 2016

It’s been almost two weeks since Interesting Vancouver 2016 happened, and the resonance from the evening continues unabated.

Curiosity and celebrating the uncelebrated is why Interesting Vancouver was born and over the past nine years, it’s evolved into something much more. It’s a place where you can meet new friends, experience a community who want to connect with one another (in Vancouver!), and be amazed your next door neighbour, relative, or friend has been doing something super interesting.

IV 16

Our emcee, Vanessa Richards, created a space for the audience to be aware of who we are in the present. Standing at the helm, she lead everyone in song to bring forth the wisdom our ancestors, grounding us in the present. The evening was filled with legacies from loved ones with the RecordMeNow app, tiny sculptures one would require a magnifying glass to see, puppets who gain their personality as they’re being made, why Canada should ban trophy hunting bears, listening to hauntingly beautiful music from a long-plucked zither, flying kites indoors and dancing with dogs, paranormal investigating, saving the heritage of the Pantages theatres, to fully identifying with who you are inside especially when you don’t see yourself represented in mainstream media. Vanessa brought the night full circle with a song to fill our hearts, letting the spirit of inclusivity and togetherness from the entire evening settle into our bodies.

Each speaker gave a piece of themselves, of their life, to connect with the audience. And that’s what life should be about—connecting and engaging with one another face-to-face, allowing inspiration to flow through.

30881722871_fe041cec7e_zDo you feel you’re interesting? We’re currently lining up next year’s speakers for our tenth anniversary, so please contact us at info@interestingvancouver.com to be considered. We’re already looking forward to what our 2017 IV Prize Winner, Robert Chaplin, has to say about his work next year.

Greed-free, our organization is run primarily by volunteers and support partners. Without continual support from such partners as SFU Woodward’s, HCMA, The Notice Group, MET Fine Printers, and many others, there wouldn’t be an opportunity for us to create the artistic and cultural community we have in the Downtown Eastside today.

30969944205_40cde33485_zIf you would like to see more events such as Interesting Vancouver, IV DoShops (where you get to learn some of the interesting activities our speakers do), and IV Presents (our podcast where we interview our speakers for a more in-depth look at their life), please contribute to our Patreon page so we can continue to bring interesting events into your life.

Thank YOU for being interesting!