IV16 SPEAKER: Kelly ‘Claire’ Berge

Kelly is a single mother of one amazing 8-year-old boy and is a Vocational Counselor working with Persons with Diversabilities in the employment sector. She loves working with these wonderfully diverse individuals to help them find meaningful and gainful employment. She has had a passion that has been with her since her first living memory – the Paranormal. She has had many experiences throughout her life that have driven her to question everything about our existence. Life as we all know moves forward, and sometimes our passions, as hers did, takes a back seat. But after moving into a new-ish home, her paranormal passion sought her out with a vengeance! She is now Co-Vice President with the longest running Paranormal Society in British Columbia.

Kelly "Claire" Berge | IV16 from Interesting Vancouver on Vimeo.