IV16 SPEAKER: Inder Nirwan

Inder is a versatile filmmaker based out of Vancouver that has been using his talents to raise awareness on issues locally and around the world. As an alumni of Vancouver Film School, Inder has been an active participant in the local film community both personally and professionally. In his spare time, Inder is producing a very well received short-form documentary series about artists, entrepreneurs, community, events and phenomenon in Vancouver called INVANCITY. While at work, Inder is staffed by Lush Cosmetics – a global cosmetics manufacturer and retailer – where he takes on issues pertaining to human rights, environmental protection and animal welfare in the form of documentary films that screen around the world.

Inder’s stories are as compelling as they are relevant. In 2015, within months after releasing a documentary that contributed to the exposure of how plastic microbeads in cosmetics are flooding the oceans, US federal policy was put into effect to ban the use of microbeads in the production of such products. The short film was adopted by the CBC, CBS, the US Navy and continues to be screened by conservation groups around the world. Now, backed by Lush, Inder’s sights are set on an issue that hits close to home: the trophy hunting of grizzly bears in British Columbia.

Visit these links to see some of Inder’s work

Lush short docs: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7B24E8271CE198D5


Inder Nirwan | IV16 from Interesting Vancouver on Vimeo.