IV16 SPEAKER: Dusty Hagerud

Dusty has been obsessed with the animated object from birth. Growing up with Jim Henson on the screen, no one could ask for a better influence to pave the way to become creative director and founder of Color Sound Lab, Puppet Designers & Fabricators. He has been performing, illustrating, designing and fabricating in Puppetry for 18 years in Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver in theatre, film & television with Marionettes, Hand & Rod Puppets, 2 – D Paper Puppets, Bunraku, and Shadow Puppets. Dusty was a recipient of a 2009 Leo Award for Anachronism Pictures’ “The Anachronism” and 2015 Jessie Award for Monster Theatre’s production of “The Little Prince”. He not only makes puppets as a regular job, but also is one of the co-founders of the Vancouver International Puppet Festival. He has puppetry on the brain 24/7.

Dusty Hagerüd | IV16 from Interesting Vancouver on Vimeo.