Why Interesting Vancouver gets better and better each year

Boring. Uninteresting. Words many people have used to describe Vancouver and its residents. But is it really true? Are we so dull and uninteresting? I don’t think so because what we do have in abundance are people who participate in Interesting Vancouver, back for its eighth year.

Wait, what is Interesting Vancouver and why haven’t you heard of it before?

Interesting Vancouver, a volunteer-produced annual gathering of the unique and ‘interesting’, will take place at the SFU Woodward’s building on Friday, November 6th, 2015. The point of Interesting Vancouver is not only showcasing and celebrating Vancouver’s local artists, performers, and entrepreneurs; it’s to engage, increase empathy, and inspire Vancouverites to discover new creative pursuits they can apply to their own lives and community. That’s a tall order in Vancouver but I know Interesting Vancouver can handle that kind of pressure.

Last year featured your everyday Vancouver residents from a seven-foot tall drag queen emcee obsessed with Bingo to Canada’s first Sikh commanding officer who believes in the ripple effect, a transgender youth who dabbles in roller derby and transforms regular t-shirts to an indigenous artist who is working to reverse the decline of Squamish language speakers. These are all people you’ve probably seen around Vancouver and never gave them a second thought. But underneath every single person’s outer appearance beats the heart of an interesting person. We’ve got people lined up around the block, ready for Interesting Vancouver 2015.

The next time you walk down the street in Vancouver, just think about all the cool and interesting talents or hobbies someone might be hiding. Maybe they’re an accountant by day but a burlesque performer at night. Sounds interesting, right? Who knows – maybe your neighbour fits that bill.

And if they, or potentially you, fall under the ‘interesting’ category, nominate them or yourself for the Interesting Vancouver prize by Eclipse Awards – a gorgeous one-of-a-kind award salvaged from a local wind-fallen tree PLUS $1000 cash prize (deadline for entries has been extended until September 30th). Nominate that interesting person here.

To find out more about the interesting people who live in your neighbourhood, buy your tickets here for this year’s Interesting Vancouver.