Most conferences attract a fairly narrow range of people. Even unconferences and other gatherings that are trying to be more than the expected conference. However you define just what sort of conference Interesting Vancouver is, it has proven to strike a chord with folks from many backgrounds.

If you have to define it, Interesting Vancouver is for creative people. It is for people who may or may not work in a creative industry or a creative department. And who may or may not be interesting themselves. They simply are interested.

IV BoxheadInteresting Vancouver is truly a multi-disciplinary conference. It seeks to impart new knowledge, things you’ve never known, or thought about. Open up parallel thinking ports. Activate parts of your brain that for even the brainiest person may have been neglected or unexplored. There will be a degree of spontaneity, unexpected moments, and learnings. This is what makes it exciting.

The audience is as interesting as the speakers. It will be a mix of artists, photographers, lawyers, librarians, social marketers, micro finance specialists, university professors, accountants, visual effects artists, journalists, marketing strategists, and more. The people sitting around you will be just as interesting as those on stage.

Often, the most interesting folks don’t think they are very interesting. They just know what they know, but that is often something very interesting. That said, there’s no pressure to perform, if you just want to soak up the experience and be on your way, that’s totally cool too. Life doesn’t always have to have an outcome. Though you will be guaranteed to learn something new, fill your head with new ideas, make new acquaintances, become acquainted in new ways with existing acquaintances, and be inspired.

Sounds pretty interesting eh?