This one is especially for those trying to figure out how to expense their ticket. Firstly, Interesting Vancouver is probably the cheapest curated conference you’ll attend in Vancouver. (Though that’s always debatable.)

As noted previously, there isn’t a specific outcome of the event, but we hope people leave inspired. Maybe a light bulb flickered about a problem they or the their company has been trying to solve for a while.

IV14 PosterMaybe you are an aspiring photographer, engineer, cultural leader or commanding officer. You’ll see some of the most creative and innovative of such professions speak. Maybe you already are one and want to be better.

If you work in a corporate culture it could be a unique environment to take out a client or your peers. Nothing like new ideas and lateral thinking to foster great working relationships. If you work in an independent culture or in the hard core technology or academic worlds it will be a great chance to meet more of you like and reach out to other circles.

In a nutshell you will walk away with new ideas, inspiration and hopefully a spring in your step to make your own life a little more interesting. It should be pretty easy to justify that cost.