Gámomo Creative Lab is a boutique motion graphics design studio. Founding members – and married couple – Joanna Ambrosio (aka jorobot) and Kenji Rodriguez-Tanamachi (aka kenzoysauce) pull from their Mexican and Japanese influences, coming together to form a unique combination of expertise. We asked Gámomo Creative Lab to design our teaser videos and trusted them to express what Interesting Vancouver is all about. Well, they blew it out of the water to say the least. We’re guessing that’s what happens when you put these two in a room together.

Detail of graphics for Bear Mountain’s ‘Congo’ official video.

Fun fact about Kenji: He’s an active member of Vancouver band, Bear Mountain even though he doesn’t play music, but functions as Creative Director and visual artist.

Kenji on stage at The Vogue. Photo credit: Joanna Ambrosio

Fun fact about Joanna: She’s the founder of Midnight Doodles, where she shares imperfect illustrations drawn at midnight, from post-it sketches to murals, encouraging people to do what they love.

Joanne making ‘Mount Pleasant,’ a mural. Photo credit: Kenji Rodriguez-Tanamachi

“Gámomo literally means ‘he who loves a battle.’ We like to consider ourselves ‘warriors’ driven by the fire within. We love a good challenge, and we’re passionate about engaging with the audience through art in motion.” – The Gámomo Power Duo.

We love you! And now we’re telling the world how sophisticated and on point your work is. We can only imagine the other insanely creative work going down at Gámomo Creative Lab behind the closed door – most likely a crusade on paper or a big vision stretched across the room. Hey future Gámomo clients, you’ve been warned. This interdisciplinary power couple got deep into our guts, grabbed a couple key pieces, smashed it with their talents and showed us who we are. Go Gámomo.