Meaghan Kennedy

Meaghan has a rather unusual occupation – a Piñata Artist.  What began as a hobby, has now turned into a full-time couture crafting business that has garnered her acclaim and clients from around the world. In just two years, she has honed the art of sculpting these unique and colourful papier-mâché creations into the likeness of loved ones, celebrities, animals, and just about anything else you can imagine – even the late Korean dictator Kim Jong Il.  She has made piñatas for the cast of the Vampire Diaries, actor Jason Priestley’s birthday, a Perez Hilton likeness for hip hop star Wil.I.Am, Lush Cosmetics stores across North America, the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week wrap party, and The Galloping Goose Restaurant in Victoria, B.C.  Meaghan worked at luxury clothing outlet L2 Leone before she took a leap of faith to pursue her dreams and so far it has definitely worked out for her.

Meaghan will talk about how piñatas have changed her life. She will end with a live piñata smashing with members of the audience.

Watch the video of Meaghan’s talk here or below.