Roy White was almost, but not quite able to finish his talk last night. There was something very near and dear to his heart that he wanted to say, but the words just wouldn’t come out. We promised that we would share that message here on the website.

Roy’s Message:

“Chelsea Steyns, aptly nicknamed “superwoman”, is an extraordinary entrepreneur, role-model, mother, and contributor to the North Shore Community. Blessed with not one, but two sets of twins, Chelsea is the mother of Cooper and Owen (4 years old) and Cash and Maxine (7 months old). Chelsea’s dedication to excellence is evident in everything she does, making every occasion an event.

Chelsea Steyns

As creative director of North Shore Academy of Dance, Chelsea’s family of dancers looks up to her as a role model. Her love for youth and dance reaches far beyond the boundaries of her home, and into the hearts of so many families of this community. Even when faced with her recent Cancer diagnosis, Chelsea continues to inspire as she remains positive and strong. She is determined to overcome this challenge. Chelsea has given so much to us all, now it is our chance to give back.

Chelsea was diagnosed approximately six months ago. After several tests and a biopsy, it was determined that she has an extremely rare form of cancer (PMA) that the B.C. Cancer clinic has never treated before. There have only been 4 previous cases of PMA in Canada. There have only been a handful of adult cases worldwide. To compound the situation, Chelsea’s tumor is inoperable since it is located in her brain stem where all of the nerves of her spinal column enter her brain.Since her diagnosis, Chelsea’s case has been overseen by a team of doctors from both Lion’s Gate Hospital and the B.C. Cancer Clinic. She has just completed an aggressive round of radiation treatment but unfortunately it has not stopped the tumor growth and her doctors have said that they are unable to offer her any other conventional medical options. The Burzynski Clinic in Texas can offer her Personalized Gene Targeted Cancer Therapy which has shown huge success in the the treatment and remediation of Chelsea’s type of cancer, however because the treatment is still in its trial phases, it will come at a huge cost. Our target of $400,000.00 is to pay for Chelsea’s treatment at this clinic since our medical system is unable to offer her any other options.

A Chelsea Steyns Cancer Fund has been created. If you wish to contribute, there is a PayPal account accessible from the family blog. Any and all support, emotional or financial, is greatly appreciated by Chelsea and her family.”

Thank you for sharing this and your story with us, Roy.