This year’s event will be a little different. We will be offering prizes to attendees. I don’t think we have ever offered our attendees anything, except clothes pins. We have always been generous with our clothes pins.

This year we will be offering four lucky people the chance to each win one of four prizes:

– A one year membership to the Museum of Vancouver

– Award winning beer from Driftwood Brewing

– Wine fromĀ Mark Anthony Brands, or…….

– An iPad 2 courtesy of The Geek Squad from Best Buy!

Truly amazing! You are probably asking yourselves what you have to do to win such artifacts of glory. The answer is very simple – during intermission all the attendees will be sent on a scavenger hunt that uses objects in the Museum of Vancouver. At the end of intermission all of the all of the correctly answered entry forms will be put into a hat/bag for a drawing. We will draw four people at the end of the night to determine our winners.

Pretty cool, right? We certainly think so. Thanks sponsors!