Prospect Point

Interesting Vancouver is a non-profit event. We keep the tickets affordable and the venue small in hopes of bringing something special, finite, and inspiring to the Vancouver community.

When we do have money left over, it is usually a paltry sum of about $100. (This year we got hit with an unexpected galley fee from the Rowing Club, so we’re going to be asking for donations at the event to help keep us in the black) We always give the money to a charity that we feel is relevant to the spirit of the event, and this year any extra money that we have will be going to the Stanley Park Ecology Society because we really believe that Stanley Park is an essential part of the spirit and beauty of Vancouver and we want to see it flourish for years to come.

The Stanley Park Ecology Society promotes awareness of and respect for the natural world by playing a leadership role in the stewardship of Stanley Park through collaborative initiatives in education, research and conservation.

SPES has been actively promoting urban ecological conservation and stewardship since 1988 and we hope our small donation will help it to continue its good work.