Anthony from Farmstead Wines

We try to avoid having sponsors at Interesting Vancouver, but we like food and our attendees like eating on a Friday between 6 and 8pm, so sometimes we make exceptions. Anthony Nicalo is one of those exceptions.

Anthony has spent his career as a chef and entrepreneur dedicated to the notion that stories accompany everything we consume: the story of what, the story of where, the story of when, the story of how, and the story of why. Every business he turns his hand to celebrates provenance – from provenir (Fr.) “the origin or source of something” – as the heart of what makes things good.

His journey began with Farmstead Wines, and an effort to share the dedication and passion of winemaking vinaroons with eaters. His work continued on to Farmfed, a non-profit organization dedicated to authentic food and farming, and into his line of chemical-free chef’s apparel at Dajoji.

Now Anthony is pouring that same passion for ethical sourcing into Foodtree, a new model for transparency in food production, distribution and marketing.

In cooperation with Foodtree, Inevitable Table will be catering the event. Don’t expect anything substantial, just some delicious local and seasonal appetizers to get you through the evening. We hope you enjoy it.