This post originally appeared on the blog Think Small.

I really admire Geoff Vreekan. 

Geoff, like many, was laid off by his agency last year during the fiscal tightening most agencies faced.

He also knew that creative professional under 40 hardly, if at all give to charities. Though they do like sitting around an complaining.  So rather than do up a spiffy portfolio in an expensive hand crafted case he put his effort and time to work on behalf of Covenant House.  He made a campaign for those who could never afford an agency to help them out; street kids.

It was a honour for Geoff to take the stage and launch Homeless Copywriter at Interesting Vancouver.  I admire anyone who will stand up in front of 150 people to talk into a loud microphone about losing their job and then present new creative publicly for the first time.  It's hard enough presenting to a few clients, let alone 150 potential critics.  Bravo good sir.

Geoff is hosting a launch party this Thursday.  I'll be there.