This post originally appeared on the blog Think Small.

With under three weeks to go the following note went out to our attendees for Interesting Vancouver 2009


We are excited to have you join us for Interesting Vancouver 2009.  With less than three weeks to go we are ramping up nicely to another evening of interestingness.

We will start building the anticipation with speaker spotlights later this week over on the site/blog.  Feel free to add your comments or questions leading up the the night.

Next week we hope to have the menu lined up so you know what we're serving and we're pleased to have home grown Hardbite Potato Chips on board sponsoring the affair with plenty of crispy tastiness.  Thanks to Lauren Issacson for arranging with the kind folks at Hardbite who as a local 100 mile food producer will pair nicely with a couple of our food related

There are still a limited number of tickets available.  Give your procrastinating friends an elbow or stern talking to so they don't miss out.  Also, there have been issues with Eventbright and Paypal.  If anyone wasn't successful in a prior attempt to acquire tickets it looks to be working now.  Due to this glitch we've kept the ticket price constant.

Yours in Interestingness,