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Now that summer's over, time for new distractions.

Interesting Vancouver 2009 tickets are available as of today over here.

Full details on the affair over at

We sold out last year.  To avoid disappointment get in on the first batch of tickets at $25.

A second batch will be available in October to ensure the less hyper connected don't miss out on the fun, though at a slight premium for $30.

Apart from a few small tweaks the one big change from last year is instead of your ticket including your first drink, we'll provide food.  Probably not a king's feast, but something to keep the grumbles at bay.

Otherwise, same deal as last year.  Everybody pays, left over funds go to charity, and you can eagerly expect the unexpected. 

We have some exciting speakers lined up already.  Even more excitingly we're looking forward to whom else steps up to speak.  Shoot me an email if interested or wish to nominate someone you think to be interesting. There will be 15 total speakers, speaking for either 3 or 10 minutes.

Feel free to use the tags #IV09 or #interestingvancovuer09 if you kindly wish to spread the word.