This post originally appeared on the blog Think Small.

With great fear of a sophomore slump Interesting Vancouver 2009 will be held on Friday October 23 at the Vancovuer Rowing Club.

Tickets will go on sale Tuesday September 8.  Sadly, because we sold out last year some folks who really wanted to go couldn't.  So, mark that date in your calendar you procrastinating Vancouverites.

I've got a few speakers lined up but really am looking forward to suggestions and nominations.  We loved the things people talked about that we didn't even know existed.  So please send me a note if you think you'd be good, or if someone you know would be good.  If you don't know me just jump over the the 'official' Interesting Vancouver site to find the contacts on the right.  Or just mail me at me [at] brettmacfarlane [dot] com. 

So far we've got someone lined up to talk about how to make a virtuoso violin, how to enjoy a trip to L.A. and a contributing editor from Wired UK talking about who knows what, but certainly something interesting.

Criteria for speakers is simple, you can't sell anything only talk about something you know or love. 

And if you were wonderful enough to speak last year, I'll buy you another beer and you'll get special front row VIP seating this year.

A number of kind and wonderful folks are keen to help out.  We'll have a disorganized organizers meeting on Tuesday August 25 at the Black Frog in Gastown at 5:30pm.  I'll pick up a couple pitchers and we can chat about what would be interesting to do this year.  There is very little "organizing' or effort required for this event, so ideas on cool things we could do or songs you could sing are much appreciated.